Hi there and your most welcome into my space. It's almost like my home...so your warmly invited. Well this is the bit you love to hate right when it comes to talking about yourself.

To cut a long story short I'm a Celebrity/Fashion and Personal Stylist, TV Host, On-Line + Store Boutique owner and Property Development & Design for Interiors BA Hons Graduate. From my background you can see that I'm just an ever evolving creative. 

The journey all began with style. I have always wanted to stand out and away from the crowd. Even in my teens when it came to trainers and non uniform days; I always had to have something different from everybody. Fast forward to after university upon graduation, I started fashion styling freelance. On a trip back to the motherland I opened a boutique, became a TV Host and now I want to let you in my journey from here on out. 

Let's enjoy the ride!