Pretty Woman

So last Sunday marked the 18th year wedding anniversary of my parents. As they married traditionally back home, 17 years prior; they now celebrate a successful 35 years together. Talk about inspiration. Talk about real life goals!!!!

You see it is rather unfortunate, (in the world we live in today) that we are less likely to experience such longevity, ‘tolerance,’ patience etc in relationships and in marriage. Divorce has become so accessible, meanwhile it was such a taboo back then. Forever really meant forever (through thick and thin; even if and when you became unattractive, distant etc. from your spouse).


The generation’s have changed significantly, I guess some would agree its’s for the bad and for some would say it’s for the good. I just hope and pray for myself that when it comes round to my turn when I say ‘I do’ it’s certainly for eternity.


Can you tell I feel so free and chic in this V I E N N T Y dress (@shopviennty). It’s a perfect fit for hiding the bulge (yeah I said it)…this dress is not too loose, nor too tight, it’s just right.


Thanks for passing by! Viennty xo

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Earrings: Primark

Dress: V I E N N T Y

Bracelet: H&M (chocker worn as bracelet)

Heels: Primark

Bag: V I E N N T Y


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