The Real Body Con

Hey Vienntista,

Welcome back! It's been a while right. Well I'm so glad you are joining me here, it's very much appreciated.

So let's talk body con...and no I'm not talking about the dress, trend and/or movement. I'm talking about how I've been feeling recently about my new acquired size, the reality and realness of cosmetic surgery that is becoming way too normal in our society today. I can't lie after watching Love Island; then recently Patricia Bright's recent vlog, it actually got me wanting some Liposuction, in addition to Fat Transfer or a Brazilian Butt Lift! I knooow, I know!!! Come on don't act like these thoughts have never crossed your mind.



So my body shape...I have a small bust, small'ish waist (could be smaller...let me live!), wide hips and thick thighs. My body shape equates to:

Pear, spoon, or bell (triangle upwards): This body shape describes a person who has hip measurements greater than their bust measurements.
bod shapes.jpg


Now back to the point! I am currently a UK Size 12/14. Now in the last couple of years I've been a consistent UK Size 10 but because of my hips in certain items I'd shop a 12. On the odd occasion, I could also sometimes fit into a 10 (also if the item has a stretch). I've never really been one for the tightest clothing (maybe a few times back when I was a UK Size 6/8) and I keep it classy not trashy; I also want to be comfortable in what i'm wearing (well especially now so you don't see my rolls) while living in Ghana, it gets really hot. So I've gained weight around my bust, hips/bum and my midriff. Some area's are better and i'm cool with that but, the struggle is real on the belly! Funny enough it's been while being back in the UK.


"if you want a butt, then you have a gut!" -Rihanna




I'm not going to lie, I'm not happy in the body that I'm in right now, but do you know what I've procrastinated way too much; and literally woke up one morning like enough is enough. So with one extra size up, I'm back and ready to rumble in statement style for you, you and you! If I can do it, you can too!

The real body con is dressing to enhance your best or favourite features whilst essentially hiding or disguising what you don't like as much. Sleeves, belts, peplums, looser tops, shape-wear etc are just a mix of ingredients you can turn to before you consider going under the knife. I will go deeper into these what I like to call 'cons' in more depth soon, until then if you have any questions don't hesistate!!!! Comment below or contact me (CLICK HERE).


Happy New Month!!! Love VNT x

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Viennty Tip of Life 1: 'KNOW YOUR BODY SHAPE' ...and if you don't know it and/or want to know it get in touch with me!!! (I might treat you to a free consultation)


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