Stand Out

I'd rather be seen than heard any day. My style is a testament and reflection of that; as they say first impressions count. I love the fact that, I have the confidence to wear what I want with my head held high. If anyone is going to stop and stare, I guess you might as well make it worth their while.

I don’t believe in fashion. I believe in costume. Life is too short to be same person every day.
— Stephanie Perkins
You might not hear me coming, you may feel me coming; but I know one thing for sure your going to definitely see me when I’m coming through!!!
— Viennty
Fashion says ‘me too’ style says ONLY ME.
— Anonymous

Thanks for passing by! Viennty xo

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Earrings: V I E N N T Y

Jacket: TK Maxx

Dress: Primark

Heels: Primark (old)


For any styling queries please feel free to drop me an email: and/or send me a message (here) if you'd like me to source you an outfit or anything similar.